Well. Here we are.
A Controversial Question

Pink Floyd: Grantchester Meadows

(Weekend Music)

Yes, I know, the weekend is almost over, and I remember that I've posted this before, but I don't have time to write anything except the Sunday journal, which I won't be able to do till later.

It's spring here. This will be appropriate for those of you who are already experiencing spring (though I think this sogn and video are more summer than spring), and will give those who aren't a taste of what will be coming soon.


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Very nice. Spring is proceeding apace here, but it was an overcast and gloomy day today.


OK, now I'm signed in. Will that make my picture happen?



Signed in to Facebook? I don't know how all this interconnection is sposed to work-I'll be looking into it. I think I can make posts automatically appear on my fb page, or something.

Hmm does html like work in here? Apparently not.

No, signed into Typepad, which,one would think, would get me a picture, but no.


Nice. I used to go walking in the real Grantchester Meadows a lot when we lived in Cambridge. It's not quite that flowery this time of year, but beautiful nonetheless.

Whoa, look at my avatar! I was really hoping for a spirograph, but looks like I've got Aqua Strata instead.

Y'all want to vote on whether to turn these silly avatars off? I find they sorta get on my nerves. And Janet doesn't seem to have figured out how to get a picture to stick there. I haven't tried.

Perhaps someday I'll see the real Grantchester Meadows. But probably not.

I hate these avatars. That's why I was trying to get my picture to work.


Right, I meant to be asking whether you would like to have pictures, if we could figure out how to make it work properly. These don't even qualify as avatars, they're just place-holders in lieu of pictures. I'm assuming it's possible to turn off pictures, and therefore place-holders.

You mean pictures where the avatars are? Of us?


Well, look at that.

I think you just have to sign in on TypePad, but yesterday, it told me that this blog didn't exist or something like that. I'm ok either way--pictures or no.


Curiouser and curiouser.

*I* can't get a photo to "stick", as it were - even registering and signing in and everything.

That's what Janet was saying a day or two ago. I think I'll try to make them go away.

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