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Sad Song of the Week


This is really sweet: From 52 to 48. (Obama got 52% of the popular vote—actually I think it’s up to 53% now.) We love y’all, too.

A 48-hour thought on the election: last night my wife and I were both late heading for home and decided (via mobile phone—how times have changed) to meet and have dinner at a little bar/restaurant that we like. There were three TVs going with the sound off, and the one we could see kept showing scenes of black people celebrating all over the country. And although I knew this meant a lot to them, watching all those joyous faces made me think that it probably means even more than I had realized.

The racial problems in this country have worried me a great deal for some time, and I’ve grown pretty pessimistic about them. The possibility that Obama’s presidency might help African-Americans to believe that this is their country, too, gives me hope.



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