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Strange, I was reading something about Vietnam right before I read this.


I'm going to wait until I get home to finish this, but I wanted to say something about TMC. I went to babysit for my granddaughter Saturday with all sorts of plans to read uplifting books and write something for the blog and I ended up being completely seduced by TMC.


I think you mean TCM, Turner Classic Movies? There's also a TMC which I think is something like HBO, but we don't have it. Anyway, have I mentioned how many movies from TCM are on our dvr? I'm really going to miss it when we give up AT&T Uverse.

Anyway, TCM is great and as you say very seductive.

You are correct. TCM.


See, what's nice about Latin is that you can rearrange the words and they mean the same thing.

Maybe that feature will be in the next version of English.

Be careful what you wish for, Latin is rearrangeable because of a complex declension system. What's nice about English is that it lost most of its declension system years ago and now depends largely on word order.

I could not geuss what TMC meant!

Oh yeah, I wouldn't actually wish for it. I was thinking of the way programmers clamor for new features in programming languages. I had two years of Latin in high school (the South being so backward and anti-intellectual and all) and I well remember memorizing those declensions and conjugations. I expect Janet has dealt with it, too.

Having taught it. I actually love the declensions. I think it's because I'm a person that loves puzzles. I did find, though, that it was the easiest way to teach English grammar to kids.


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