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What does it say about me that I've never bought any of the magazines featured in the windows?

That tree is amazing. When I was in California as a kid I went to a redwood forest in the north part of the state, and I remember the awe-inspiring size of them. I didn't know there were redwoods so close to San Francisco.

Interesting that they named the park after Henry Cowell.


But looking at the magazine covers instead, where are the popular science and technology titles? Politics and finance? The magazines for the stamp collector and the model railway enthusiast, or those dealing with literature, history or philosophy?

Neither have I, Craig. And I've been meaning to look into the Cowell connection. It is the same Henry Cowell. This tree is the biggest in the park, though there are many others that would dwarf anything that most of us would consider a big tree. It's probably well over 2000 years old.

Actually, Paul, there were some sci/tech magazines, as well as automotive, and other things which are likely to interest men more than women, so in a way it's misleading that only this one section was specifically labelled Men's. But then there was one entire rack the same size as these which was all entertainment/celebrity stuff, which I think is read mostly by women. I believe the stamp collectors and model railway enthusiasts were entirely neglected, and I know those interested in literature, history, or philosophy were. Sufficient grounds for a legal complaint, maybe.

Seems to me that Fine Woodworking might be in the wrong category.

I sorta wondered about that, too.

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