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Ha! Epigrams on Wagner are not abundant -- and could be taken as contrary, given the topic -- but this ranks with the best.

Congratulations on making it through!

Thank you, though it's only the truth--I wanted a long orchestral elegy at the end.

If these ever come round to theaters again, try not to miss them. I'm tempted to say "do whatever it takes," but that's a bit much--it is, after all, only art, and one's family is much more important. Still..I think I've just had a once-in-a-lifetime experience which I won't soon forget.

One day I would love to, but for the next few years at least I just can't see how it is possible. I could watch it on DVD, but I know the experience would not be the same.

With the whole thing fresh in your mind, I wonder what you think of Shaw's general view of the Ring (as stated in The Perfect Wagnerite)?

I'm still not entirely sure what I think. Apart from Saturday afternoon, I've been very busy this weekend but am hoping to have some initial thoughts in the Sunday night journal posted tomorrow. As yet it's only half-written. I haven't read the Shaw piece but will try to later this evening.

I'm pretty sure you're right about the DVD experience, unless one had a great home theater (I don't). In fact I've already said as much in the partly-written piece.

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