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It's a very good book for the most part. I disagree with him fairly strongly about modern art (which is why I've never subscribed to Image), but in other areas he's on the money. His essay on Russell Kirk in the book is one of the best short pieces on RK I've read.

I agree with him on modern art and plan to read the book very soon :) I am a fan.

Why do you do this to me?

Because you have so many idle hours to fill, Janet.:-)

I don't subscribe to Image, either, for somewhat similar reasons. There just wasn't (it's been a long time since I saw an issue) enough in it that I really liked. The magazine went further than I am willing to go in the direction of openness toward what I think are some pretty unhealthy trends in the arts, and there were some things that actively offended me. Partly a reaction, I always supposed, against so much inferior clumsily Christianized art. However, I did for several years have on my wall a wonderful print, which I think appeared as some sort of foldout or something in the mag, of angels harvesting wheat before a storm.

I have that print on my wall!

Cool! I don't know what happened to mine. I don't remember deciding to get rid of it but it isn't there now...

I don't remember where I first saw it - it may have been in image. I used it as the image to advertise my MTh in Catholic Studies at Aberdeen. Then I wrote to the artist and got a print. Here in South Bend it is not in a very prominent place, because it is not framed.

What is that work and by what artist? Can I see it online?

I'm sorry to say that I have no idea of the name of the work or the artist. But I see our resident expert wrote to the artist, so maybe she still has it.

I don't. I got the image (or copyright to use the image for my brochures) and a poster from the artist around eight or nine years ago. I could ask the guy I asked to put me in touch with artist back then, if you are very interested.

Feeling sorry to sound so unhelpful, I looked in my computer. I lost or mislaid more than can easily be imagined by anyone who has not moved continents in midlife. I don't even have the folder the picture or name of it would have been on. I must have gleefully abandoned my 'Phds' folder on the UK computer. Before I came to the USA, I didn't really have my own computer. I just had the office one. When I left, I took copies of everything I thought I'd need here. I must have thought my stuff about a now defunct course didn't fall into that category.

Chances are pretty good that I still have the picture somewhere. Don't remember when or why I took it down. I'll ask my wife, who has a much better memory than I do.

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