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Six feet!


I guess that's what a subtropical climate does for you ...

This time of year it doesn't even feel sub. That picture was taken yesterday afternoon, btw.


I would really like to see a lily that I have to look up to.


As you can see I was looking up a bit at these when I took the picture, and I think I was standing up straight. (And I'm not *that* short.)

Yeah, I commented on that to Bill--the fact that the picture was taken from underneath, not your height.


Too bad there's nobody there to take a picture of you underneath it. Maybe you could go out at sunset and somehow set up the camera so the light would be behind you and we couldn't see your face.


I have a tripod and I think the camera has a time-delay shutter, and I could always just turn my back. But really I had other plans for the evening.

The one that's not open in this pic is now open. I wanted to take a picture of the whole plant this morning but I was as usual running late. I can stand directly under the flowers with a few inches between them and the top of my head, which makes them right around six feet.

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